Europe is strong in talking: we want to become the first climate-neutral continent in the world. But when it comes to action, other parts of the world are faster.

1. A huge tech pool as a result of Europe’s research leadership

If we simply stick to “sustainability” and “climate neutrality” goals, we’re doomed. We need to rethink how we invest resources to mitigate climate change.

A series on sector transformations towards a regenerative world

Accounting for 24% of GHG emissions today, this industry is on the verge of massive transformation. Let’s take a look from an investment perspective.

We need to go from destructive to regenerative.

Klimaforscher:innen mahnen radikalen Wandel an, richten ihre Appelle aber an Politiker:innen. Seit Jahrzehnten. Wann merkt ihr endlich, dass ihr euren Ruf nach Transformation an eine ganz andere Gruppe richten müsst?

Climate scientists are calling for a radical change, but their appeals are directed at politicians. Really? Politics doesn’t drive transformation — you should address a very different group of people.

Danijel Višević

Climate Tech investments at Ecosia 🌳 previously Project A Ventures / German Chancellor / Krautreporter / Deutsche Welle 💚 refugees, veterans, facts, and data

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